A History of Looking for Values Where Others Fail to Look

"In good markets and bad, there are always stocks that go up."

E. Hunter Thompson
The origins of Thompson Davis date back to the late 1980's at Branch Cabell & Co. when E. Hunter Thompson, Jr. formed their institutional research group. This research group based their investment strategy on a proprietary methodology for uncovering companies meeting certain characteristics common to above average stock performance. In July 2002, Thompson, Davis & Co., Inc. opened as an independent firm focused on providing both institutions and individuals with stock investments based on the same methodology using the same criteria.
Since our founding, our unique and comprehensive research has produced significant returns for our clients as well as ourselves.
As an independent-private 100% employee owned firm, we have only one focus: to find growth companies with fundamentally sound characteristics which have the potential for above average stock performance and portfolio growth. We exclusively focus on growth companies where we believe such value exists, and where we believe the probability of investment success is the greatest. We learn as much as possible about the companies we own and identify and quantify the risks and opportunities associated with each investment.
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Sound investment principles, over time, produce sound investment results.

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