Employment with Thompson Davis & Co.

Mission Statement

To provide institutional and individual clients with independent, unbiased investment research and services; to constantly strive to provide original investment ideas, strategies and services to increase client wealth while holding ourselves to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, accountability and respect.

Statement of Values

In executing our mission, we at Thompson Davis & Co. will uphold these values:
  • Unwavering commitment to the best interest of our clients
  • Unquestionable integrity in personal and professional dealings
  • And unswerving adherence to ethical and professional standards

TD & Co. is a good match for you if you can embrace our mission and values and are excited by the prospects of:
  • Developing relationships with growth companies that have potential to impact their market
  • Being early in exciting growth companies
  • Working along side individuals that trust their research enough to follow it
  • Succeeding in a fast-growing, entrepreneurial environment
  • And making a large and positive impact on your workplace

If you feel TD & Co. is a good match for you, please send us your cover letter and resume by mail to:

Thompson Davis & Co.

PO Box 1854
Richmond, VA 23218

Or send an email to our HR department. Please include a cover letter identifying the job position you are pursuing.

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