What We Do

Thompson Davis Asset Management is an independent investment advisory and financial services firm created to provide traditional and alternative asset management for individuals and institutions.
We do not rely on computer models or black box mathematical analysis to guide our investment strategy. Instead, we believe in the timeless value of hard work and fundamental analysis to find undervalued companies meeting our proprietary investing criteria. We search for opportunities where we believe price inefficacies exist. With our fundamental-based methodology and focused approach to investing, our goal is to outperform the market in good times and bad.
Over time our discipline and strategy have been the keys to our success in rapidly changing markets. As our client, you can count on us to treat your capital as we do our own and be accessible when you need us. You will not have to battle an automated phone system to get a real person on the line and will have access directly to the person who is making the investment decisions, the portfolio manager.
At Thompson Davis Asset Management we trust our disciplined and focused investing process enough to follow it. By aligning our interests with our client's we are all stakeholders in the pursuit of better returns through intelligent investing.
Does your current asset manager have the same incentive to watch your portfolio?
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