How does Thompson Davis & Co. handle outside investments?

We take a holistic approach to client relationships. Our wealth management platform is able to integrate existing investments into our strategies in different ways. As a full-service firm, we will guide you through the process of transferring accounts. In the event maintaining some investments at other firms is appropriate, we will look at the whole “picture” and make sure all investments taken together are aligned to meet your goals. As time passes, Thompson Davis & Co. can help reevaluate outside investments to reduce the potential for a mismatch between positioning and changes in your situation.

Please see our Asset Allocation Portfolios brochure to learn more about some of the models we offer.

What is a separately managed account?

When you invest in a Separately Managed Account (SMA), you own individual securities. Although Thompson Davis & Co. has a distinct investment style, you have the freedom and flexibility to tailor your portfolio to address personal preferences and financial goals.

Although portfolio managers may oversee many SMA’s your account is separate and distinct from all others. Please see our SMA brochure.

How do you pursue a strategy of preserving capital?

While growth of capital is our goal, our methodology allows us to hold cash and/or short-term bonds. When we believe it is appropriate, we can choose not to participate during what we believe are unfavorable market conditions or times when we are unable to find companies meeting our criteria. At times, we maintain a cash position in our portfolios to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

Each stock position is separately evaluated according to its own ever-changing risk/reward profile. We choose to own more of a company’s stock when we feel it is undervalued and less to none as the stock approaches what we believe is a fair value or overvalued. We realize that being “a great company” is not the most important criterion for investing, and the price you pay for the company’s stock will ultimately determine your return.

Valuation is the key. We choose to wait for “value” to improve returns.

What do you mean when you say you “follow your own research process”?

The investment research process we perform is not only for our customers, but also for ourselves. While every person’s financial profile is different, when appropriate, we generally invest our personal capital in the same securities our process has uncovered. This commitment to research and strategy is present throughout the firm, from our portfolio managers to members of our support staff.

Quite simply, we are willing to follow our own advice. By aligning our interests with our clients, we create partnership. Together, we are all stakeholders in the pursuit of better returns through intelligent investing.