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These three key tenets define our approach to wealth management. Meeting with clients, defining their goals, providing them with appropriate solutions, and helping navigate through inevitable changes along the way, we take a comprehensive approach to wealth management. We have a complete service platform that supports the unique needs of our clients. Our goal is to deliver a consistently excellent experience.


The core of our investment strategy centers on our in-depth research process. We are firm believers that superior results can be achieved over time through thorough research. This is the approach Thompson Davis & Co. was built on, and it still holds true today. As a fiduciary, we are obligated to put our clients’ interests first, and so our approach is unbiased. There are no allegiances to specific investment products—only those that help our clients best meet their goals.


We have a history of providing our clients with an unwavering commitment to serve their interests with integrity while adhering to ethical and professional standards. Our talented team of professionals, with decades of combined experience, continuously strive to maintain these values and to deliver quality services that our clients expect and deserve. 


We invest alongside our clients, and so your results are our results. The saying “we know what we own” is not just another catch phrase; rather, it speaks to the core of our due diligence process. Thompson Davis & Co. is an independent, 100% employee-owned firm founded in 2002. We succeed when our clients succeed.

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